Dictatorships go under, Democracy will flourish! | STREET ART UTOPIA

Street Artist MUE BON By MUE BON in Thailand. The artists comment: Dictatorships go under Democracy will flourish!! we need REAL DEMOCRACY! More by MUE BON on Street Art Utopia. Comments: https://twitter.com/StreetArtUtopia/status/1445765702141415430
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Freddie Mercury in Almacelles, Spain | STREET ART UTOPIA

Street Artist Oriol Arumí Mural by Oriol Arumí in Almacelles, Bassa del Molí, Spain. Oriol Arumí: Made on the occasion of the tributes that will take place around the world on the 30th anniversary of the death (November 24, 1991) of the great musician. In the lands of Lleida there will be a group exhibition…
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